NRM8181MX Cross door refrigerator

Cross door refrigerator NRM8181MX

Gross capacity: 467 l Installation type: Freestanding


Icon - NoFrost Plus

NoFrost Plus

No more tedious defrosting
One of the best cooling systems in the market, installed in the freezer compartment, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost to keep the power consumption low, while in the refrigerator compartment, it maintains an ideal microclimate for fresh food. Circulation of ionized air prevents the food from drying out and retains its vitamins and minerals.
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Convert FreshZone

Ready for any occasion
This convenient drawer simply transforms from a fish and meat drawer to a fruit and vegetables drawer, so you can easily accommodate all your fresh produce.
Icon - FastFreeze


Rapid freezing
Freezing large amounts of food? The FastFreeze function freezes the food at -24 °C to preserve the minerals in the food and retain its quality. After approximately 26 hours, the function is switched off automatically and the freezer compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.
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Rapid cooling after weekly shopping
The intensive cooling function is ideal for rapid cooling of food after major shopping trips. After six hours, the function is switched off automatically and the refrigerator compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.


Just like garden-fresh
CrispZone with HumidityControl is one of the more spacious fruit and vegetable bins in the market, designed to keep your produce fresh through low temperature and the option to adjust the humidity level.


Steady, silent, and durable
Inverter compressors are quieter, more durable and consume less energy as compared to a conventional compressor. They adapt better and faster to temperature changes inside the refrigerator, for example when the door is opened, which means less temperature fluctuations and better storage conditions for your food.
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Sleek and sophisticated look
With the counter depth design, this fridge freezer will fit elegantly into your kitchen, while still offering a very large storage capacity.


Well-arranged and efficient
LED lighting in refrigerators provides excellent and highly efficient illumination as it has a much longer useful life and uses significantly less power than conventional light bulbs.

MultiFlow 360°

Ideal microclimate on every shelf
The MultiFlow 360° ventilation system evenly distributes the air in the refrigerator compartment to ensure optimum circulation of air and best storage conditions for your food.

NoFrost Plus

No more tedious defrosting
One of the best cooling systems in the market, installed in the freezer compartment, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost. As a result, you won't need to defrost the freezer interior and its storage capacity can be used more efficiently. Packages or pieces of frozen food won't stick to each other, keeping your freezer compartment neat and tidy.
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Advanced control via LED display
Large and clearly laid out LED display allows instant control over the temperature settings. Features like FastFreeze and HolidayMode can be switched on with a simple touch. And in case of a sudden increase in temperature an integrated alarm will warn you right away.


Low noise
The fridge freezer operates at noise level which is as quiet as a whispered conversation between two people. This quiet operation is a result of excellent insulation and innovative solutions of the cooling system.


Ice whenever you need it
There's always enough ice in the freezer with the TwistIce removable internal ice maker. Simply twist the handle and enjoy a chilled drink.


Practical and spacious
Efficiently designed interior offers enough space for larger quantities of food, saving you the frequent shopping trips. The food can be easily organized on glass shelves, in large drawers, or the bins on the inner wall of the door, meaning you can always see what's available and waste less.
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Technical details

Energy class: A+

Dimensions (W×H×D): 79.4 × 181.6 × 64.3 cm

Door material: Steel

Colour: Stainless steel

Wheels: 4

Adjustable feet: 2

Climate class: SN, N, ST, T

Inverter compressor

Total gross/net volume: 467 / 394 l

Capacity of cooling compartment: gross/net: 294 / 265 l

Capacity of freezer compartment: gross/net: 173 / 129 l

Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 12 kg / 24h

Power cut safe time: 10 h

Type of display: LED display

NoFrost Plus

Air movement: MultiFlow Cooling - fridge

CrispZone with HumidityControl

Ice maker: Twist ice maker



LED interior light on the ceiling

3 glass shelves

1 meat container

Trays in refrigerator door: 2 door trays

Vegetable drawer: 2 vegetable drawers

Flexible egg tray

Convert FreshZone

Freezer illumination: LED light

Freezing compartment: 6 drawers

2 door shelves in freezer compartment

Energy consumption kWh/24h: 1.05 kWh

Noise level: 37 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 79.4 × 181.6 × 64.3 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 85.5 × 192.5 × 72.3 cm

Net weight: 85 kg

Gross weight: 93 kg

Connected load: 200 W

Product code: 734258

EAN code: 3838782325311


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